CLW 2015 announcement

We are excited to announce that CLW 2015 will be held at AutomotiveUI 2015 in Nottingham, UK. The half-day workshop will take place in the morning of September 1.

The workshop has three goals:

    1. Explain the theoretical underpinnings of the physiology behind common physiological measures of cognitive load. In this workshop we will address electrodermal activity (EDA), measures related to heart rate, and electroencephalography (EEG). A strong focus will be on why these measures change with differences in workload and what this means within the applied setting of automotive research.
    2. Demonstrate how measures of physiological workload are collected. The workshop will include demonstrations of practical issues in data collection. Again the focus will be on practical considerations of using these measures within an automotive environment.
    3. Present techniques of how the data from these measures are reduced and analyzed. To some extent, data reduction and analysis will be discussed by summarizing existing practice codified in standards or described in previous studies. However, we will go beyond what is in those documents, discussing practical problems of filtering and cleaning up the data, censoring, rules for determining and eliminating outliers, and methods of quantifying lost data.

The organizers will bring together a number of experts to address the above issues.