9:00 Andrew Kun, UNH: Welcome and workshop overview
9:15 Bryan Reimer, MIT AgeLab: Driver distraction and cognitive load
9:30 Bruce Mehler, MIT AgeLab: Establishing the Sensitivity of Physiological Measures of Cognitive Load in the Driving Environment
10:30 Break
11:00 Paul Green, University of Michigan: NHTSA visual-manual guidelines
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Government and industry panel on cognitive load and in-vehicle HMI
(Moderator: Andrew Kun)

  • James Foley, Toyota Technical Center:
    An OEM Perspective on Cognitive Load and HMI Design
  • Chris Monk, NHTSA:
    Driver Distraction: Research and Policy Implications
  • Scott Pennock, QNX & ITU-T Focus Group on Driver Distraction:
    The Role of Standards in Managing Cognitive Load/Distraction
  • Garrett Weinberg, Nuance:
    Cognitive Load in the Automotive Supply Chain: What’s the Bottom Line?
3:30 Poster session with one minute madness


4:45 Discussion: next steps (Moderator: Andrew Kun)
5:00 Workshop ends

CLW 2016